CompIntelligence's Complimentary Webinar:

Moving From FDM to FDMEE: It's Not Just a "Lift & Shift" 

For a smoother migration to FDMEE, access this session filled with information you won't find in the documentation.

Think it's just a "lift and shift" of your existing FDM application? Not so fast! Though it may appear to be FDM "Classic" with a shiny new interface, new adopters would be wise to understand how FDMEE may impact your current Oracle FDM design before upgrading. In this session,  we shared how these differences impact your current data flow and discussed the important design issues to consider before making the move.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • Best practices when implementing FDMEE for the 1st time;
  • What to expect when upgrading from FDM; and
  • The differences between FDM and FDMEE  as it relates to functionality, user interface, scripting, and potential design approaches.

To watch this complimentary webinar, simply fill out the form and you'll be well on your way to a smoother upgrade.

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