CompIntelligence's Complimentary Webinar:

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade? That is the Question

You may be trying to decide whether to upgrade your budgeting planning and consolidation tools, access this session filled with information you won't find in the documentation.

This webinar will explore the options before you upgrade your existing Hyperion tools, consider other options, or stay with your current version. Perhaps a simple application review and some tweaks are all that you need? But, maybe not. We’ll discuss a cost effective approach to upgrading as well as how to take advantage of new features and functionality in the latest release. 

Throughout, we'll address important questions such as;

    • What is the impact of upgrading on your infrastructure?
    • What are the implications for your data management?
    • What level of effort is really required?
    • How can you increase the likelihood that your user community will embrace the upgrade?

This one hour, thought provoking session is led by Anthony Reddin, Managing Partner of CompIntelligence and a Certified Professional in Oracle Hyperion Enterprise and System 11 Financial Management.

To watch this complimentary webinar, simply fill out the form and you'll be well on your way to a smoother upgrade.

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